Saturday, July 31, 2010

National Library

The bad news is that the National Library is out of action at the moment which is old news for many of you. There was a good article on the subject by the Dominion Post in August 2009.

The good news is;
So far, only 4 per cent of all newspapers, and a fifth of 19th century newspapers, are available on the library's Papers Past website. The library is spending $700,000 a year adding its collections to an online format, and while only 1.25 per cent of photographs are on the internet, it hopes to digitise a quarter of the photographic collection in the next two years.
When the library moved out for two years, 19 librarians were assigned to digitising photographs, manuscripts and other materials so that more of the collection will be available online.
We have to wait until 2012 for the opening of the revamped library, but what a great legacy they are building online for New Zealanders who don't live in Wellington.

Have you been affected by the closure?

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