Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Missing

Death records missing.
If there was no body there will be no death certificate.
Spouses sometimes walked away from unhealthy situations and changed their names.
People sometimes became mentally unstable and wandered off and died incognito.
They went on a trip overseas and died there.
They changed their name by deed poll.
The name is wrongly spelled in the bdm indexes.

Marriage records missing.
Names wrongly spelled in the bdm indexes.
They got married in another country.
They were married by a drunk priest who forgot to register the marriage.
They acted as though they were married but one of them was already married.

Birth records missing.
Names wrongly spelled in the bdm indexes.
Their parents didn't care to register the births.
They were registered in another country.
They were born on board a ship.
They were adopted.

They refuse to give up their information - at least - that's what it feels like.  You are not alone, here is my list (priviledge of authorship):
  • Death: Vulenza Booth nee Welsh born 1851, St Neot, Cornwall - last seen in the records, Queen St, Masterton NZ, electoral roll 1908. 
  • Death: John Draffin born 1811 Ireland, last known record, Cresswick, Victoria, Aust 1860 on the death of his wife.
  • Death: Edward Theodore Erikson born 1870, Akra, Norway, last known record 1917 divorce Taihape NZ, son-in-law of Vulenza. 
  • Death: George Menzies, killed on the 18th Feb 1869 at Papatupu, north of Wanganui. There is no mention of him in the bdm, still I least know what happened to him thanks to Paperspast.
  • Marriage: Julia Costello to William Patton, Auckland, 3rd of April 1885. The date is on their son's birth certificate but it's not in the bdm records. Julia had to fight Public Trust in the 1920's for land her husband owned as the Public Trust said there was no marriage.
  • Births: The children born to John Costello and Ann nee Kelly in Coromandel 1850's. Fortunately, they were baptised but I'm not sure I got a complete list of children.

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