Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Living People's information Alert

It's a peculiar period we are living in right now. We are living longer and have more leisure time and at the same time, the internet makes communication easier. This has resulted in a lot of older people, digitally naive, who have gathered information on their families including that of living relatives whom they don't know very well.

Do they realise the seriousness of disseminating this information? Would they personally get in touch with every living person on their database and ask permission before sending it to a second cousin or such? I doubt it.

You may think that its a small mistake but what if it was your information? And what if, as often happens, the second cousin uploads it to or another such repository? Who is responsible?

What you should do with your information on living people is that you should keep it to yourself. Lets talk and communicate about the deceased only.

No more finger wagging for today, but I'll be developing this topic as time goes on.

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