Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Library Visits

I sometimes go to the Auckland library with a vague idea of what I want to know, a list of names in my head and the odd puzzle still to be solved.  The trusty notebook and pen in my bag has been forgotten at times and I've had to 'borrow' paper from the library assistant.

Other times, I plan so well that the list of questions is too long for the time available and I am dissatisfied with my trip. What did I achieve and was it worth the parking fee? Consistency must be the key to getting it done, but I lack the self discipline.

I remember when I had to get to the library early to get a seat in the family research room, especially on the weekend. Those were the days. These days, its pretty easy to get a seat. Has all the research been done? Or is the internet now so good that the library is only used when all else fails?

The library became a place of conflict for me when I had two public arguments with the same assistant. I hadn't meant them to be public but she shouted it out anyway, much to my embarrassment. I didn't go back for years. In the meantime the place had become less popular - I wonder why? I hope she didn't put too many other people off.

But what a treasure trove it is. I sometimes fantasize that I live just down the road and can 'pop in' between chores or after work.

Do you use the library?

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