Friday, July 23, 2010

Genes United

There is a success story in the online newspaper Stuff today telling of a man who found his long lost siblings in the UK using Genes United, the paid online tree sharing site. Don't you love it? Families being united again?

Genes United is a site I have belonged to for about six months. I've found it somewhat useful. Loading of the site is often very slow, the matching of my data with other peoples is uninspiring and even if my relatives were born in New Zealand, the program will try to find them on the UK census, its a bit hilarious.

So its been of limited use to me and I can probably spend my few spare dollars more wisely elsewhere, still, I was heartened by the story and know that what works for me and other people can be very different.


  1. I have had my info on Genes Reunited for the last three years. I find that I get a high percentage of "Tyre Kickers" who appear to use the site as their sole means of research, or hoping to get a quick fix in putting their tree together. The Hot Match system also generates repeat enquiries from other users who do not bother to check whether previous contact had been made. I also think that there is a lack of diligence in checking data against alternate sources such as baptism records,census records, FreeBDM or even the IGI

  2. I agree. The poor matching didn't make me feel like upgrading my subsription to get to the census data when I know ancestory. com at works well for that.