Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finding deaths in NZ

Looking for death notices can be time consuming but necessary part of research. After trolling through the fiche at the library and finding the year of death you are then confronted with looking up the local paper to find the actual date of death and family notice. This is possible but not attractive.

Burial Locator
We all have our own methods. Mine is to use the NZSG Burial Locator V.2 disc to find what they display. It's quite comprehensive and a fabulous resource to own if you have a large family in New Zealand. 

Then I would look up the name on National Archives 'Archway' and see if the persons probate is in my area. If it is I would order it the next time I visit National Archives. The probate would give me the full date of death and possibly the full names of any children.  If the probate was in another area, I would note it in my gene program and look for other sources.
Next I would go to is the rootsweb hosted New Zealand Cemeteries online site where I may possibly find a local council has provided some wonderful information like age at death, date of death etc.  

By this time I probably would have just about everything I needed when next at the library to find the newspaper notice. But some people are hard to locate and need more creative thinking.

I might troll though the Electoral Rolls to find when they 'disappeared'. I would ring other family and ask questions which sometimes lets me know that the person retired offshore to Australia or England. Even if they did this, a notice is sometimes placed in the home newspaper to inform family and friends. 

I could then ask the Northshore branch of the New Zealand Society of Geneologists which has the New Zealand Herald death notices back to about 1940 and will do look ups for a donation. This donation is a fund-raiser for them and well deserved. Mail service only - Please send SSAE and donation to: North Shore Branch Research Officer, D. Cook, PO Box 89045. Torbay, North Shore City 0742.

But there are these other online resources as well and you might get lucky.

What method do you use?

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