Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The British Museum online photographic collection

Thank you kintalk for alerting me to this fabulous resource for family historians. Anahera Sadler of the Auckland library writes;
the Pacific collection appears to be twice as large (3000+ images) than that offered on Matapihi (the NZ archived image database).
So eager to try it out, I used the first search term which came easily to mind, 'Coromandel', an area in New Zealand of special fondness for me. Up pops a beautiful early photo I haven't seen before, such good quality too.

I  filled out a form on their website ordered it immediately and it arrived by email as an attachment about 2hrs later. And here it is so that you can see if for yourselves. (I told them on the form that I would be displaying it here).  I hope that you find what interests you as easily as I have.

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