Thursday, July 8, 2010

Book: Making Waves

Making Waves by Felicity Campbell, published in 2004 by Steele Roberts Ltd
ISBN 1-877338-27-3

Subject: The impact of Jock McGregor on the history of Wanganui and his story which has not been told before.

Jock McGregor, born 1813 Cherry Bank, Perth, Scotland, died in Wanganui Feb 1882, arrived in Australia in 1834 and moved to Stewart Island in 1836, partnered Hinekawa and married Isabella Lockhart. Isabella arrived in Port Nicholson Feb 1840 on the Bengal Merchant, she was born in Scotland in 1817 and died in Wellington on the 19th of Nov 1902.

The subject of Jock McGregor became of interest to the author because of a property Jock developed and which the Campbell family now reside in. Felicity found that Jock was largely forgotten in Wanganui even though he was one of the very first settlers. All of Jocks natural descendants are through his son Teone, Isabella was childless but she was an astute businesswoman.

The book is full of wonderful detail which any student of the history of Wanganui would love. The book has a biblography and a good index. I found it a bit disjointed and had to use sticky notes to keep track but that might be just me.

Isabella Lockhart was my great aunt. Felicity added important detail to my understanding of her but one important assumption was incorrect. Overall, I really enjoyed reading it and would recommend it.

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  1. Hi interesting I am related to Jock MacGregor through his grandson Teone.

    What important assumption was incorrect? I am curious to know as I am buying the book.