Sunday, July 25, 2010

Be careful on family history trips

Who would have thought a penchant for family history would be dangerous. When Wellington man, Donald Stewart, was bashed to death in Hamilton last month, he was on such a trip.

Mr Stewart's cousin the Rev Lance Riches said Mr Stewart stopped at his Taumarunui home on June 13, on his way to Waikato to gather names for his genealogy investigations. "There was always somebody he was trying to trace down or names he was trying to trace down."
Mr Stewart had links with many people, both Maori and Pakeha. "He had a great interest in history . . . and was very much into genealogy. That's basically what he would do. His car was full of photos of people and family and others he knew."
Moving around this country is not quite like it was in yesteryears, but we don't have to be 'streetwise' to do it and I hope it never comes to that. Precautions are always advisable. At least let people know when you are leaving and when you are due to arrive and what route you are taking.

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